Worker Resources

For the past 20 years, CW Solutions has provided free resources for workers in the human services field, including Income Maintenance and Employment & Training programs. With advancements provided by State of Wisconsin policy and process resources as well as a transformation of resources available throughout the internet, many past tools we have provided are no longer necessary. 

We will continue to maintain a small selection of resources that have been curated for workers in the field. 

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IM/W-2 Resources

Income Limits Desk Aid 

CMC Calculator - workers should always use the WebI CMC Placement Reports to manage placement dates. 

W-2 Payment Calculator - we no longer publish this as DCF now has one via  Form DCF-F-5223-E. Workers must use this new form.

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Case Management

The following are helpful resources for those who provide case management services:

Disability Resources

Employment Search

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Helpful Links

The following links are helpful both for case management and eligibility:

Criminal Records/Incarceration

Wisconsin Driver's License Information

Vital Records